wow, rude.

here you go anon- thanks for the request, i had fun drawing this! and sorry it took me decades to do this ; v ;

*right click > open link in new tab to full view*
This is dumb.
And obviously I don’t know what I’m doing.

Here’s a bonus:
p.s. snap crackle pop is legit the sound of spider web tearing. fyi.


I tried to play Doctor Who: Worlds in Time for the first time last night and this happened a few hours after that. The space bg was fun to paint! :’D

Sometimes I think I need to join fangirls (fanatics?) anonymous.
Oh, here’s the bigger pic of the doctor:

IT’S MASSIVE. « click it.

Ohmygoooddddd. This strip took me forever to finish and I still think this could be better. Background? Perspective? C-c-coloring? Whaaattt #died. Oh. Plus. The tiny bits and blobs on the tardis console… DED. I can’t do this anymore! This strip is done. DONE.

I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. Another Doctor Who strip because I just have a lot of feelings toward this series. BEAR WITH ME.
About the strip: I bet exploring the TARDIS is an adventure itself!
Just in case people can’t figure out what’s what in the drawings (i know i know it’s all weird and wonky looking ; ^ ; ):
1. Random tardis hallway-!
2. Library!
3. The infamous pool in the library!
4. This one is entirely my fault. I imagine since Gallifrey is no more, the Doctor would keep this ‘botanic garden/green house’ inside the tardis to remember his home planet. Hence the silver trees and red grass… I read somewhere the rocks of the mountains are purple and gold, so I used that to color the ground too… and the tree trunk.
5. Some sort of tardis observation deck with glass roof/glass everything. I know I’d cry every time I take a look at the ~*+universe+*~
6. Back to the main control room-

That’s all I guess…
GOOD GOD DOCTOR. Just pick me up already!!!

Nov 6 doodle dump! it’s really big.
Made during breaks throughout this past week.
I always imagine the Doctor as this wise grandfather figure. Mostly because he’s old and he knows a lot, had seen a lot, and I never had a grandfather. That’s why I often doodle myself ‘talking’ with the Doctor. Lots of feelings. Plus there’s Cas doodles in this… So go ahead, add more feelings.

p.s. I wish english were my first language. ugh!

Wonky 10 with extra angst on the side. 

But I have to divorce Sultan first.

Also, stop looking up on Tardis’ skirt.

*Fictional character claiming other fictional character fictional 
**And, hey! It’s full color-

Team Tardis Work in progresssss- *since the beginning of time*
And I don’t think I’ll finish this any time soon ((( ; ^ ; )))
I have tons of WIPs. This is what I’ve been doing lately: create new drawing, get bored halfway, create another drawing and repeat the cycle.

This is one of them:

Kept postponing until Emmy.C posted her version.
Hahaha- Food with smiley faces is just wrong.

Oh well.
I’ve been preoccupied about ~*+My Future+*~ and busy dealing with it. Plenty of time spent at immigration offices. A lot of things are in motion… I hope I can settle things soon and draw more. I’m really sorry if I haven’t replied to any of your messages, I will do it now! :*