Anonymous asked: Halo kak, kalau aku mau beli keychain kakak selain lewat storenvy bisa lewat mana lagi ya kak? Soalnya aku gapunya paypal. Mungkin ga kak misalnya mesen pembayaran lewat bank ex. mand*ri atau b*a? Thank you kakak, love you and your arts!<3

Halo-! Eh- pembeli di indonesia emang jangan beli lewat storenvy! soalnya harganya beda hehehe. Cara pemesanannya bisa diliat di sini: F.A.Q :D

weh- i forgot to post this-
for my indonesian followers-!!! i’ll be tabling at POPCON Asia 2014 from tomorrow to sunday-! i’m thinking of taking a convention hiatus after this… because i… misjudged my capability a bit this year. lmao- *3 cons in a month i hecked up!!!*

so yeah… see you guys tomorrow!!!

hi-!!! i updated my shop with a few new items!
i’m also having a special sale for the pink & purple shingeki tote bag!
you get one free keychain! you can pick marco, hange or levi.
please take a look :D and thanks so much for your support! it means a lot to me and you’re helping me feed my 6 cats! here’s a word from princess kiko herself:


i still don’t know how to convention.

blessedmoon asked: Tadi aku beli keychain Kaworu kakak! Aku suka banget art-nya!! Makasih banyak ya, kak!! Tadinya pengen belanja lebih banyak lagi di booth kakak, tapi apa mau dikata... dompet berkata lain... semoga kita bisa ketemu di event berikutnya ya!!

hey- makasih ya udah beli-! nanti tanggal 19-21 september aku buka booth di popcon kok! di AA034, kalo sempet ayo mampir lagi :D

atomicfuneral asked: halo mbak. sdh saya duga saya emang pernah liat fanart mbak yg asuka seliweran di timeline saya. saya beli keychain asuka & rei plus sticker set kill la kill hari sabtu di comifuro.

uwah- makasih banyak sudah membeli-! salah satu pembeli terakhir di hari sabtu sebelum kita berberes :D

sorry for the lack of updates ; v ;
here’s some old shingekis i’ve never posted here before-!

Anonymous asked: um i hope you don't mind me asking but will you be printing any art books?? because i love your sketches (though i wouldn't call them sketches??? like yeah). if yes, will it be just original sketches or a fandom - specific art book? iM SORRY FOR ASKING SO MANY QUESTIONS

NO IT’S OKAY. THIS IS IMPORTANT SO PLEASE PESTER ME ABOUT IT. i do want to make art books/fan books/zines etc. the one i’m planning right now is souji adachi from p4 fan book *SWEATS* because it’s long overdue i’ve been wanting to do this fan book since the beginning of time. in the future i hope i’ll publish original ones. most probably space themed, because i still want to go into space. come on space travel, pls be available for civilians and affordable before i die.

AFA ID 2014


hoo boy.
i’ve been avoiding answering messages about AFA (especially this one) because… this is going to be a little depressing so i’m gonna put it under a cut.

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this is so important i have to post it here.