Anonymous asked: um i hope you don't mind me asking but will you be printing any art books?? because i love your sketches (though i wouldn't call them sketches??? like yeah). if yes, will it be just original sketches or a fandom - specific art book? iM SORRY FOR ASKING SO MANY QUESTIONS

NO IT’S OKAY. THIS IS IMPORTANT SO PLEASE PESTER ME ABOUT IT. i do want to make art books/fan books/zines etc. the one i’m planning right now is souji adachi from p4 fan book *SWEATS* because it’s long overdue i’ve been wanting to do this fan book since the beginning of time. in the future i hope i’ll publish original ones. most probably space themed, because i still want to go into space. come on space travel, pls be available for civilians and affordable before i die.

AFA ID 2014


hoo boy.
i’ve been avoiding answering messages about AFA (especially this one) because… this is going to be a little depressing so i’m gonna put it under a cut.

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this is so important i have to post it here.

Anonymous asked: Will you sell your stuff on AFAID until day 3? ;-;

yes- i’m going to be there all 3 days at booth A50-! if there’s any item that you wanted you can pre-order via email or tumblr ask (with anon off of course), i’ll keep it for you :D 

P4 mini print set for AFA ID 2014! they’re 15 x 15 cm each- so tiny and cute! i picked flowers that somehow match their personality, but different websites state different meanings, so i hope it doesn’t stray much. i did dojima and nanako too, but tumblr only allows 10 photos in a photoset… available at my storenvy soon!

print planning

new stickers now up on (in? at?) my storenvy!
i’m really happy with this batch! the quality is bajilion times better than my old shingeki sticker set (i’m retiring those btw). it’s professionally made, kiss cut gloss laminated waterproof light vinyl stickers- *phew that was long*! the colors are great! and the gloss lamination sorta makes them shimmer a tiiiny bit. if you squint reeeaaally hard. okay maybe it’s just me… GET THEM NOW! IT’S DIRT CHEAP WOW!

Anonymous asked: so uh you're gonna be in afa um can you tell me what merch from what fandom you're gonna sell?

LMAO ANON why do you sound somewhat cautious ; v ;
yes i’m going to be there at table A.50! i’ll have my old merch from last year (on sale!) also new stuff… currently in production: stickers (dmmd, klk), keychains (dmmd, shingeki, klk). still working on it: p4 print set, p3 print, samurai champloo print set, souji/adachi fanbook. i might drop the fanbook and save it for comifuro on september tho, because time…………………………………. if i do drop the fanbook, i might do haikyuu stickers and more prints from fe:a/ping pong/ran to haiiro no sekai… to be honest i don’t know what to make this year since i feel sorta dead inside hahahahahahhahahahaha- i posted a teaser & wip over here.