i read a lot of great comics lately, i’m so happy i wanna hug everything.

here’s some of amazing books i’ve read recently:
* Ran to Haiiro no Sekai by Irie Aki
* Dorohedoro by Hayashida Q
* Through the Woods by Emily Carroll
* Seconds by Bryan Lee O’malley

I have 2 more books (‘Cat Person’ by Seo Kim and ‘This One Summer’ by Jillian Tamaki) on the way i can’t wait to read them ; v ;


Anonymous asked: Hello! may i ask what awesome brushes you use noW??? pssss i love love your draws **

wehhh thank you anon-
i’m actually using the same old brush. it probably looks different each time because most of the time i draw really big for printing purposes and the texture doesn’t show because when i post it here on tumblr, you’re not looking at its 100%. but sometimes i draw small if i know i’m just going to post it on the web, so the texture of the brush is visible, because you’re looking at its 100%… yeah… i hope that makes sense? i guess what i’m talking about is something like this.

i got tagged by joaru about a month ago (LMAO i’m gomen) on twitter and by my brother a few weeks ago on instagram (? weird). i’m gonna do it on tumblr. so here you go:

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inktober day 1 - 4 from my instagram.

Anonymous asked: Eeeeeh ;;;A;;; but I really want your Marco keychain-!

you can totally order it via email tho-! you can pay via local bank transfer and then i will send the item to your address. my email is arst.putritami@gmail.com :D

Anonymous asked: Will you join Cocoon?

unfortunately no. popcon was my last convention for 2014.

ヾノ。ÒㅅÓ)ノシ .。₀:*゚✲゚*:☆now up on my storenvy

Anonymous asked: halo kak. kemaren saya ke popcon dan beli art print persona 4 kakak kemudian menyesal ga beli satu setnya heuheu... apakah masih dijual dan bisa pesen online? thankyou :)

YEHO- masih dijual :D kirim email aja ke arst.putritami@gmail.com, nanti barangnya dikirim ke alamat kamu. cara pemesanan yg lebih detail bisa diliat di sini ★★★

yeayitsdoodletime asked: Hai kak, agak telat sih tapi aku baru tau kakak pas comifuro kemarin dan aku suka semua karya kakak :' i wonder how much does it cost for a commission? thanks before!

weeeeehhh thank you \( ; v ; ) /
untuk saat ini… aku… belom buka commission… haha hehe hoho *tidak pede* ; v ; mohon maaf!!! *guling guling*