Anonymous asked: so uh you're gonna be in afa um can you tell me what merch from what fandom you're gonna sell?

LMAO ANON why do you sound somewhat cautious ; v ;
yes i’m going to be there at table A.50! i’ll have my old merch from last year (on sale!) also new stuff… currently in production: stickers (dmmd, klk), keychains (dmmd, shingeki, klk). still working on it: p4 print set, p3 print, samurai champloo print set, souji/adachi fanbook. i might drop the fanbook and save it for comifuro on september tho, because time…………………………………. if i do drop the fanbook, i might do haikyuu stickers and more prints from fe:a/ping pong/ran to haiiro no sekai… to be honest i don’t know what to make this year since i feel sorta dead inside hahahahahahhahahahaha- i posted a teaser & wip over here.

Anonymous asked: Will you be selling diffrent stuffs from last year in afa (like maybe fe:a and others)? Your art is rly cool so i can't wait to see you and your booth there!! >.<

i am going to have some new merchs but… probably no fe:a unless i manage to do last minute prints. like, i doodled a lot of fe:a but 90% of them are lon’qu with my mu so… I CAN’T SELL THOSE AHAHAHHA /////EMBARRASSED/////

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Anonymous asked: What were you doing in Singapore? How old were you when you went?

i was… 17? freshly graduated from high school. i went to design school for 3 years and stayed after graduation for another 2 years.

rayzofmusic asked: Hi hi!!! Im wondering if you'll come to AFAID again this year, because I bought some of your stuff last year anD I LOVE THEM A WHOLE LOT and I really look forward to buying your stuff again ;;;;


Because it’s June 21st in Indonesia, I can finally post this!

Happy Birthday, Aristy!!! 

Hope it’s a good one (ノ◕ ▽ ◕)ノ .・゚*。・☆

aaahhh i’ve been forgetting my birthday as i’m getting older and it’s always really nice when people remember!
i spent today teaching my sister how to drive a car. i love driving and she bought me ice cream afterwards so today was pretty good-!

widgettheroboham asked: Hi hi from HK~! Just got your Levi's Cleaning squad tote in the mail! *Luvs it!* XD The cute Danchou label on the mailer was a nice touch~ :) Adore your work, keep on drawing!

*he’s glad you like the tote bag AND I AM TOO THANK YOU SO MUCH KISSES U THANK YOU

_(┐「ε:)_ warm up